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Invisible Safety

Just a quick update on our kiosks.

We're still live and all our kiosks are still up and running ( ;-( we lost our Elephant and Castle spot because the centre is being redeveloped)

We are upgrading our kiosks with an antibacterial film to keep our kiosks safe and clean.

This will mean you will not have to worry about making use of our machines, today and for the all the days to come. You are our best resource. Ensuring you and safe and well will mean that we create a strong community to grow in the future.

Fortunately over this time we have been able to keep busy and keep the lights on. We know many businesses are struggling through this difficult time and our thoughts are with them and we wish them all the best and the they fight through to see the other side of the pandemic.

Feel free to reach out to us if you ever need help with the service, we'll always do I best to help you as quickly as we can.

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