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After 3 years we've had to change prices

For 3 years we have fought to control our pricing and prevent external pressures reaching our users.

To ensure we can maintain the superior product and great kiosks, we've needed to revise these.

So going forward from the 1st of April 2022, our new pricing will be as follows.

£1 for 1 to 3 pages printed

80p when you spend more than £4 on credits and printing

60p when you spend over £15

and 35p for purchases over £40.

Our pricing from 80p a full colour page is equal to or more cost effective than most high street print shops. At 35p a page for full colour we are really the top performer when measuring us up against the high street.

We endeavour to main our pricing at this level for as many years as possible. Keeping all upward cost pressures at bay.

We appriciate your understanding, and if this means you need to find another printing source, then we are sorry to have lost your business. But we'll always be here if you need us in an emergency.

All 100gsm, vivid full colour printing of us.

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