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how to buy credits

Online. Registered users


Create a free account at the kiosk or on our website.


Access your account through our website. Once logged in, click on BUY CREDITS


The click on CREDIT CARD PAYMENT. You can use this with any debit card too. We accept all major cards.


Either type the number of credits/pages you need to print. This will automatically calculate the total price for you.

Or input the total value you would like to spend, and it will show the number of credits you will recieve.

Occasionally it will change the total figure and total credits to give you the most efficient costing.


Follow the promts to make your payment.


Once your payment is complete you credits will be added to your account immediately.


Be sure to exit when you are done to keep your account safe.

As a Guest


Buying credits as a guest can only be done at the kiosk. We are set up to take payment via contactless payments. Visa/Mastecard/Apple Pay/Google Pay all accepted.

Amex is not accepted at our kiosks.

NOTE: Only the Hammersmith kiosk takes cash.


Please note our kiosks do not give change.

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