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loading documents

With an Account


You have a number of options as a registered user. To start, when you registered you recieved a simple welcome email from us. This will hold your unique account email address. If you send any documents to this email, they will be added to your accounts PRINT QUEUE. There is also a PIN code that makes logging in at the kiosk a bit faster.


Make sure your documents are on your USB drive. Quickest formats are Word or PDF files. Place your USB in the slot on the kiosk. Press the USB KEY tab and select the files to add your files to your PRINT QUEUE.


Open you email account and find the Printbox Welcome email. In the email is a unique email address for your account. Send any documents or files you want added to your account to this email address. They will be added to your PRINT QUEUE. If the file are not showing on your account, sign out of your account and login again to refresh your account.


From our website, , login to your account.

Select ADD DOCUMENTS, then browse your computer and find the files you need to add. Once you have selected the file, click UPLOAD. These will now be waiting for you in the PRINT QUEUE.

As a Guest


If unregistered you can only print documents if you use a USB drive. At the kiosk insert the USB into the slot available and access USB KEY tab on the screen, select the file and add to PRINT QUEUE.

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