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Printbox-on-the-Hill in Harrow! We're Here

Print Box Pricing

We are excited to welcome our next deployed Printbox printing kiosk to Harrow-on-the-Hill.

Sitting at the entrance opposite the Harrow-on-the-hill Station. This is your best location for easy printing of colour documents.

Unlike other print shops, we won't charge you unreasonable prices for 1 page. And at our best pricing we offer full colour, same day printing for 20p a page. Easy and fair.

Our Kiosks

This is one of our hard working kiosks, providing all the essentails a full print shop does, but for longer hours and for a better price. Find the locatiosn to all our Prinbox's Here

Easy printing, and you can scan and email or save to a USB drive.

One of our best features that others wont offer you. We only print in full colour! Because we feel life is in full colour, and so could your printing.

If you havent heard, here at Printbox we are changing how your print and where you print.

Think higher quality printing than you would get at home, consider a more environmentally sustainable option because there is less waste and manufucture.

Eco-friendly Printing

What do we mean by this?

Well when each home and family buy their own printer, this requires a long list of manfactured items. The printer itself needs to be built and manufactured, this has to be done in a country very far away, and think of not just the printer as a whole but all the components that have to go into this printer working.

Once that is done and the printer is delivered to your door, you still need printing ink, paper and most likely a computer.

Its a very resource heavy tool for something you will use rarely and when you need it, it may not be working. All very stress causing.

Enter the Printbox Kiosk - Self Service Print Shop

Easy, online and raedy for you when you need it.

We have kiosks around London that are acessible for longer than your general print shop. The kiosk can also print for a lower cost than that print shop. Did we mention that this also includes full colour printing always!

Yup thats right, no need to worry about choosing between full colour or black and white for that school project or for the boarding pass. We got a system that removes the need to choose and lets you focus on what you need to print and in a high quality product.

Thank you for choosing us, please contact us if you have any questions. Contact us

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