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Best Printers to Buy - 2020 (or not to buy)

TLDR version - Why buy a printer when you can use the best printer equipment on-demand at anyone of our Printbox locations. Plus you can make copies and scan directly at the kiosk too.

Looking for that all in one printer than provides you the high quality edge you're looking for? Do you need to present to clients, maybe its for your kids homework? It could be as simple as a recipe for a family member or a to do list to put on the fridge.

You need a printer with all the bells and whistles. Easy printing, scanning and copying?

It'll need to do full colour images for a low cost (with paper that doesn't go flimsy when you print a picture) and never requires a new download or update right when you deperately need to print. We may have the single solution for you.

Printbox. Welcome to the world of print-on-demand.

No longer do you have to order a printer online, wait days for it to arrive then set it up. Did you check you have the right paper and ink that you require? You went through all that effort for a 15 page document and because you expected to need to print other items soon.

This is the simple service for you, your family or even your business while your staff are out meeting new clients. Our kiosk's printers offer superior image clarity and colour. All on 100gsm (grams per square meter) paper. This ensures you receive a higher quailty print and paper to be proud of when you need to hand it to a client, teacher or family member. This paper will give you amazing results when you need to print doublesided too.

Our on-demand printing kiosks allow you to print on-the-go at convenient locations. Your one single account allows you to print at any of our kiosks in London.

The Printbox kiosk offers the most essential business services on-the-go. Need photcopies of your document? These can also be done directly at the Printbox kiosk and scan your documents. This will give you the option to either save your scanned document to a USB drive or email to your registered email account. Simple and easy.

Please feel free to contact us and ask questions. We're always happy to help and chat.

Keep well and stay safe!

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