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Clapham Junction's All Day Print Shop

Yes thats right. You can print at our kiosk in Clapham junction at any time of the day.

TLDR - We have a kiosk at the Clapham Junction Stop Shop, find the kiosk opposite the M&S entrance near the doors to the rear car park. Your Print Shop near you, easy on-demand printing.

We have pioneered the ability to reach business centre resources such as printing, photocopying and scanning. Our easy to use systems and fair price point separate us from the general market.

Take one primary example.

Rymans will charge you a £2 fee just to deal with your request. £2!? It makes sense when you consider that that need to employ a person to deal with each and every request.

Thats were we are streamedlines and efficient. No people to stand there all day long to deal with a simple request such as printing a boarding past for your next trip or a CV for that new job your really want. Just a simple self service kiosk that operates all day and night.

Printbox Kiosk Biology

Here is the breakdown of what our kiosks do and how they function.

Top screen - Information and guidance. Here we'll provide new information and updates on a rotating basis.

Touch screen - Here you make your selections, login and out and choose what you need to print. Your 'PRINT QUEUE' is your central port of call. Any uploaded documents will apprear here. This is also where you send your files that you access from a USB. Select the file you want to print on your USB and press 'SEND TO PRINT' Now your file is uploaded, processed and waiting in your print queue to be printined.

The same can be said for scanning. Once you have scanned your document, add the file to your print queue.

Contactless Payments - We are working to move all of our kiosks over to a contactless payment system. This means no more cash needed to do your printing. The minimum payment is also the lowest cost for a single print £1. Which drops to 20p depending on how many print credits your purchase at a single time.

Collection - Just below the scanner tray you will see an opening in the front of the kiosk.

This is where all documents will come out of. Once your print job is complete, you'll see a green tick on your print job in the lower left corner of the screen. This shows your file has been printed and is ready to collect.

Easy on-demand printing.

Thank you for using our services. Every customer is our next step to growing our business organically and with your help at every step there could be a Printbox near anywhere you live.

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