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Hammersmith - We are your same day printer!

This is your Printbox kiosk. Simple, easy to find and always on.

TLDR - A4 printing, how to double side print and where to find the Hammersmith kiosk.

Print Near Me?

Why yes you can.

The Hammersmith kiosk is based inside the Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre. Because of this the kiosk is ready to use 24 hours a day. On demand printing.

You'll find the kiosk in the main area of the centre, located next to the escalators near the Tesco.

What can I print?

The kiosks are specialised in A4 document printing.

Always in full colour and on high quality paper. The kiosk holds over 2000 pages when full, so it will take on almost any heavy demand or high quanity of prints required.

Doubleside as an option. If you have a document that is high in numbers of pages you may want to print double sided to save on the number of pages of paper you need. This option is found when you select 'MORE' on the doucment in your print queue (see the images below)

Press the 'MORE' button for the drop down menu.

Then choose the double sided printing option.

Other information you will find here is the number of credits needed to print your file, the options for fast print or higher quality.

You can also remove any files from your print history.

The kiosks have been designed with you in mind. So we try keep the process as simple as possible to help you print faster, at the printer near you. The Printbox.

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